Fletcher Music Lee
Supreme Beam x Windy Hill Leibschen

As long as there have been horse fairs and horse shows there have emerged individual horses whose mere physical presence turn heads and set hearts to spasm. Over such horses the minds of dreamers run rampant with fantasies of ownership. Those horses remain in our minds and continue to prance into the very hearts of spectators, binding them helpless with sheer equine beauty and animal personality.

Fletcher Music Lee was a mare that people wanted to appreciate, a mare that people wanted to own, a mare that people welcomed to arenas and cheered to victory with a sense of emotional belonging.

Every spring a small number of very selectively bred Morgan foals are born at our San Martin farm. These foals are the product of many years of planning and patience. Music's multiple World Championships made her famous but it was the rest that made her special. Her heart, beauty, soundness of mind and body and extreme intelligence made her the perfect candidate to lead our breeding program into greatness.

And lead us she did! Music Lee produced the beautiful and many time champion GLB Bell Pepper, World Champion Flaire For Music, World Champion GLB Bell Of The Ball, World Champion GLB Perfect Harmony, Reserve World Champion GLB Moonlight Sonata and reserve National Champion GLB Coppertone Girl .

Yet, in the back of every breeder's mind is the next great broodmare...the one to carry you to greater heights. Music Lee's last reproductive gift to us was to give her great genes to her daughters Perfect Harmony, Bell Of The Ball and Moonlight Sonata. We chose to retain these and other great mares for our program. These mares have earned their fame on their own, no riding on their mom's coattails for that! Their pedigrees make them spectacular breeding prospects. However, a prospect is just that until it proves itself...and so they did! The first foals of the next generation are here and making themselves their OWN fame!

So, while we hated to see the end of an era when Music Lee passed away at the ripe old age of 27, it does appear that the old adage is true...when one door closes, another opens! We have the utmost faith in Music's daughters to carry on the Silver Creek tradition of producing great Morgans that are pretty, sound, sane show horses that have the heart and desire not only to compete, but to win!

Fletcher Music Lee - 1983 to 2010
Her legacy lives on in her marvelous offspring!

Silver Creek Stables
San Martin, Ca., 95046


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