For the past 40 years our family has owned purebred and part bred Morgan's that were used for ranch and trail work. The first show horse was purchased in 1985 - that was Linda Lopina's retired  show horse Shawalla Ted. Ted was going to live a retired life of Riley but once he came into our lives it was downhill from there. Combining Morgans with a bunch of horse-crazy granddaughters and the outcome was inevitable.

Once the grand kids started showing the next step was to start breeding show horses of our own. At about that time Bell Bradford moved to the west coast and became the first trainer for Silver Creek at the new facility in south San Jose.

Belle recommended taking a look at a horse Marge Hodge had with Cathy Grimes at the time - The Executor; That's when Silver Creek became serious competitors.

Then, a few years later, John Williams came to work for the farm and was able to help Silver Creek purchase Fletcher Music Lee. John then went on to help formulate the first outstanding crosses that produced Flaire for Music and GLB Bell Pepper.

Ken Swanson continued the great breeding strategy at the same time he and his wife, Dini, managed to get kids and horses in the show ring with impressive results.

In 1998 Silver Creek moved from San Jose to the 5 acre farm in San Martin where, each spring, a small number of very selectively bred Morgan foals are born. These foals are the product of many years of planning and patience. The foundation mare is World Champion Fletcher Music Lee. Music herself won at the World Championship Show in the in-hand division, in harness and under saddle. That made her famous but it was the rest that made her special. Her heart, beauty, soundness of mind and body and extreme intelligence made her the perfect candidate to lead the breeding program into greatness.

And lead us she did! Music Lee produced the beautiful and many time champion GLB Bell Pepper, World Champion Flaire For Music, World Champion GLB Bell Of The Ball, World Champion GLB Perfect Harmony, Reserve World Champion GLB Moonlight Sonata and reserve National Champion GLB Coppertone Girl .

For the next 10 years the Silver Creek horses enjoyed spectacular success with Gerry Rushton and Stacy Hennessy at Gerry Rushton Stables.

In the winter of 2009 Cathy Grimes came to work for Silver Creek and continued the tradition of training great show horses. With her kind and gentle touch and her intuitive ways Cathy was able to bring out the very best in each and every individual and continued to bring home the blue ribbons.

In the back of every breeder's mind is the next great broodmare...the one to carry you to greater heights. Music Lee's last reproductive gift was that she gave her great genes to her offspring and their offspring.

So, while we hated to see the end of an era when Music Lee passed away at the ripe old age of 27, it does appear that the old adage is true...when one door closes, another opens! We have the utmost faith in Music's daughters and granddaughters to carry on the Silver Creek tradition of producing great Morgans that are pretty, sound, sane show horses that have the heart and desire not only to compete, but to win!


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